Monthly Archives: December 2011

How is Christmas celebrated in Spain?

Having spent several Christmases and New Years in Spain, the first thing I noticed is that the celebrations are much more traditional and religious compared to the more commercialised Christmases in England and the US. Spanish people are more family oriented so there is a greater emphasis on spending time with the family and less on present giving and materialism. The celebrations last longer too, (almost a month!) as they also celebrate “Los Reyes” (The King’s Day) on 6th January. Here is what to expect from a typical Spanish Christmas: Continue reading

Spanish eating customs

Spanish people adore their food and you often hear them discussing recipes, ingredients and meals they have recently eaten or prepared. For Spanish people, eating is a social occasion, not just to conquer hunger. Their mealtimes differ to ours, largely due to the climate and their working hours. Here is a description of the various meals that exist in a typical day for a Spaniard: Continue reading

What makes a good language tutor? – And why VLS has the edge!

I am proud to say that one of the GCSE Spanish students that I have been tutoring has been predicted an A* and all of his friends go to him for help in school! This is down to his hard work, talent and my teaching methods which have been perfected over time. How do you know that you have a good language tutor? Here are some guidelines as to what makes a good tutor: Continue reading

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