Language Teacher Coaching in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire

Helping primary schools prepare for compulsory language lessons

The earlier you start learning another language the better. Being able to offer an introduction to foreign language learning in primary schools is extremely important because it allows children to build their confidence, knowledge and experience before they go on to study foreign languages at a higher level in secondary school.
Learning and teaching a foreign language requires a completely different skill set to those used in other academic subjects. It requires a passionate teacher who, as well as being sufficiently confident in the language, also has the specialist skills and understands the specific teaching methodology required to conduct interesting and engaging foreign language lessons for children.
With the government making it compulsory for all children from the age of 7 to learn a foreign language in school from September 2014, now is the ideal time to prepare for this.

How does foreign language teaching differ to other academic subjects?

* Foreign language teaching is not just about teaching vocabulary, it is about inspiring young learners to become interested in the language and the culture so that they recognise the importance and benefits of learning to communicate in another language.

* Successful language teaching requires creativity to keep children constantly engaged in the lesson and motivated to learn. Teaching a foreign language can be a very rewarding experience.

* It is one thing teaching vocabulary in a foreign language but it is another thing entirely to teach children how to use them to communicate effectively. This is a specialist skill which can be acquired through training and will be perfected over time.

How can we help teachers improve their foreign language teaching?

We offer specialist coaching sessions during which an experienced MFL trainer will come to the school to provide specialist training to teachers who teach foreign languages to children.

Using the latest teaching methods teachers will be given advice on how to teach foreign languages effectively. Primary school teachers will be given a wide variety of practical advice, tips and ideas for useful resources that can be used to teach foreign languages successfully and promote language learning amongst the children.

We can also provide language lessons so that teachers reach the appropriate level in the language which will give them more confidence when teaching. We take into account the standards set by the National Curriculum and work with each school on an individual basis.

Please contact us to discuss a course of coaching sessions or call us on (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404 to discuss the various options available.

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