Chinese lessons in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

More than one billion people in the world speak Chinese as their native language, almost one-fifth of the world’s population. Mandarin is the most popular regional variation of Chinese (spoken by 850 million people) and is the official language of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Cantonese is also popular in overseas communities and is one of the official languages of Hong Kong.

By 2020-2030, China is set to become the world’s largest economy. If you can speak Chinese you will be able to tap into a rapidly growing market, trade and invest with a global superpower, develop better business relationships and gain a huge international competitive edge! We have noticed a huge surge in the number of people learning Chinese, with Chinese tutors now in great demand.

Popular reasons to start your Mandarin lessons now!

  • Increase profits. China’s economy is booming and has been the most stable since the financial crisis of 2008. Even by speaking a little of the language you are giving yourself the opportunity to expand into a growing market, increase your profitability and gain a competitive edge.
  • Impress employers, friends and family. Stand out from the crowd with this excellent addition to your CV. By learning a unique language like Chinese, people recognise that you are willing to improve your personal development and learn about new ideas and cultures.
  • Widen your horizons, culturally, intellectually and socially. By learning a non-alphabetical language such as Chinese, you are opening your mind to new ways of thinking. As language and culture are interlinked you will learn about an entirely different culture and way of life to the western world. You will be able to communicate with more people globally and open up new opportunities for yourself.
  • Enhance your travel experiences. Even by learning a few key words and phrases, your trips will be much more stress-free and enjoyable. Just from a few Chinese lessons, you can learn enough to get by and to interact with local people.
  • If you like a challenge, learning Chinese would be ideal. Studying the Chinese writing system provides great intellectual stimulation, keeping your mind active.

Why learn Chinese with us?

• We provide tailor-made Chinese courses from experienced and qualified tutors who are all fluent in Chinese and English. We cater for all ages and levels, so if you need to learn for business, pleasure or for GCSE or A-level exams the perfect set of lessons will be designed for you.

• Chinese tuition may take place in your own home or office or in some cases in the tutor’s home at a time convenient for you.

• We offer one-to-one lessons or small group tuition if you prefer to learn with colleagues, friends or family.

If you are having trouble finding a good local Chinese tutor, we also provide Chinese lessons via Skype.

Contact us to book your Chinese tutor or call Fiona on (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404.

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Client Testimonials

"We have been attending lessons on a weekly basis with Lulu for over 9 months and in that time we have progressed from a basic understanding of the grammar and key phrases to being able to construct sentences, hold conversations and understand a lot more about Chinese culture. This has been invaluable to my team who regularly travel to our office in China, as we can now empathise with our suppliers, understand how they think, and can converse using basic sentences. This has been recognised by our suppliers who are very positive about the fact that we have taken the time to understand them and learn their language. This has led to better and more efficient relationships and meetings. 
The lessons have also been extremely enjoyable as well as beneficial, as Lulu always brings variety and creativity to her lessons."
Tony Camp, Ideal World Shopping

"Lulu is a really great tutor and I'm fortunate to have her teaching me, she also has fantastic insight into China and the culture which will be useful once I head out in June."
George Wilson
"I'm having a great time, even better now that I know some Mandarin! Thank you for the service provided, it's been incredibly useful!"
George Wilson (during his stay in China)

"Lulu is lovely! I feel the lesson went very well and I hope it's the first of many. I will give it 100% and I know already that Lulu will give 110%."
Peter Odell