Testimonials from online language learners

“I have been having one-to-one lessons with Fiona for a few months now and making great progress particularly with conversational Spanish. Just recently I went away for a few weeks and decided to try a Skype lesson to maintain continuity. Downloading the software was easy and my laptop is fairly recent with a built-in camera. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first because I had no idea if the video link would be of a reasonable quality particularly in Spain where I have wi-fi only and I was even more concerned about the sound particularly with listening exercises. However at a distance of a thousand miles it all worked really well. Fiona seemed to be sitting in my living room and the sound and vision quality was excellent. And of course the call is free when it is Skype to Skype. So as a result I am going to continue with my lessons via Skype on my next visit to Spain and I have no hesitation in recommending Skype contact. You can always have a trial run first!”
Brian Bohling, advanced Spanish and conversation practice

“I need to improve my Italian for business as well as for my personal pleasure. Viva arranged my Skype lessons with a native Italian speaker who is also a practising language teacher in this country. It was immediately apparent that his teaching technique is first-class and I enjoy his helpfulness and enthusiasm. A real extra advantage is that these lessons are held over Skype. He is located a hundred miles or so away from where I live – it doesn’t matter at all, and we simply fix a time to suit us both. I warmly recommend this procedure as a really competent way of benefiting from the web.”
John Churchill, Italian conversation practice

“I chose to have Skype lessons as I wanted to practice being able to talk to someone in Portuguese and to develop natural conversation skills as opposed to repeating after a CD. I feel that Sandra, my Portuguese tutor, is a very good teacher and I look forward to planning more regular online lessons in the new year. My aim is to become fluent in Portuguese by the end of 2013.”
Davina Schoeman, beginner’s Portuguese conversation

“I decided to try Skype lessons to learn Portuguese because I was struggling to find classes in my local area. Those I did find were not at convenient times for someone who works 9-5 or they had very large class sizes. I find the lessons very flexible as you pay as you go which is great and as the lessons are one-to-one the content can be catered to your needs. As long as you have a good Internet connection to ensure the sound is not impaired as it is important to get pronunciations correct then I would highly recommend trying it!”
Lucy Deverson, beginner’s Portuguese

“I am a student at the University of Manchester and needed some extra help with my exams. I have tried face-to-face tutors before, but I have never really succeeded with them. From the first lesson I knew that online tuition using Skype was for me. Fiona is extremely organised and emails the pupil with lots of different exercises on the topics you request, and what I found incredible and very helpful, was the fact that Fiona will mark and correct any work you send her, in her own time! She is so fast and reliable, she really is fantastic! I passed my exam (which would not have been possible without Fiona’s help.)”
Charlotte Caley, degree-level Spanish tuition

“My son took Spanish lessons with Fiona on Skype, a few months before his GCSE’s. Fiona was always very patient, friendly, calm and encouraging. She made sure he had the material right in advance so that they both were prepared for the lesson. She was so flexible with timing etc. that she even fitted in some lessons while she was away in Argentina. Naveen and I are really grateful to her and would not think twice to recommend her to anyone.” Archana & Naveen Soman, Skype lessons for GCSE Spanish

“We cannot thank Fiona enough for her innovative teaching approach, incredible patience and all her encouragement. Our son’s Spanish in Year 10 seemed to be almost non-existent. At this very late stage, we then desperately needed some intervention, but living abroad we had limited access to tutors. We contacted Fiona at Viva Languages, to see if she could tutor Eddie via Skype. She agreed to tutor him in the evenings, overcoming the six-hour time difference. It was incredibly successfully and just as effective as face-to-face lessons. Fiona not only gave him the confidence to believe he was capable of passing the course and put in place the scaffolding to ensure he did. He passed with a C, and achieved an incredible A on the writing part of the course. Fiona is a truly gifted teacher and our son was blessed to have her.”
GCSE Spanish preparation

“Fiona, as for your online lessons, I cannot begin to thank you! At first I was sceptical of how much I would benefit from Skype lessons, but in just four lessons I could see visible progress and more importantly it made me like the language! It reminded me that speaking a language is fun and for the first time ever I could be relaxed speaking it without having total blanks. As soon as I finish my exams, I will be keeping up weekly Skype tuition with you!”
Megan Morgan-Harris, degree-level Spanish exam preparation

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