French Lessons in Peterborough and across the UK

French is spoken as a first language in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada and is an official language in 29 countries including Luxembourg, Algeria, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger and Haiti. There are between 70 and 110 million native French speakers in the world today therefore it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular languages to learn.

Why is learning French a popular choice?

  • Communicate better with French people on holiday and get more out of trips abroad.
  • Gain confidence for GCSE French, A-level French or higher level exams.
  • Learn to speak French for business, to target international markets and gain a competitive edge or simply to improve your skill set, impressing potential employers.
  • Prepare for emigrating or retiring abroad so that you feel more comfortable in your new home.
  • Improve communication with French-speaking friends, relatives or colleagues.

What to expect from our French Tutors:

• Our fully qualified and experienced tutors will get you speaking French in no time at all. Whether you are learning for business, pleasure or to prepare for GCSE or A-level exams, your French tutor will create the ideal course for you.
• Tutors are patient, friendly and provide learning in a relaxed environment. Lessons will be tailor-made to suit your goals and interests. Tutors arrange lesson activities from a wide range of resources, involving stimulating and relevant material to keep you motivated and interested in the French language and culture.
• French lessons may be on a one-to-one basis or if you prefer to learn with friends or colleagues, small group tuition is also available and can take place in your own home or office at a convenient time.
• Our flexible tuition service means that your tutor will be prepared to vary the day and time of the lesson week to week to adapt to your busy schedule.

What to expect from the French Tuition:

• Beginners: Learn to chat to locals, how to ask and answer basic questions, how to ask for directions and understand replies, how to order food and drink, what to do in emergencies, all of the basics; the alphabet, numbers, days and months etc. as well as basic grammar.
• Intermediate levels: how to build up your vocabulary, improve your fluency, listening and overall confidence when interacting in French, skills to control the conversation, give your opinions, negotiate with a native person as well as more advanced grammar.
• Advanced levels: extend your range of vocabulary, practice at listening to audio and then discussing it, learn to discuss topical issues and to put forward your argument in a clear and precise manner and learn more complex grammar.

Whatever your level or learning objectives, you will be amazed at how quickly you progress with private French tuition!

If you are having difficulty finding a good local French tutor we also offer online French lessons via Skype.

Contact VLS here to book your French tutor or call us on (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404.

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'Monique Demar is a fully qualified French teacher. She was born in France and therefore knows grammatical explanations and has a varied teaching approach which can be tailored according to her students' requirements and which has enhanced our learning experience and progression. We would recommend her without hesitation to anybody else'.
Marrilyn, Brenda and Nigel