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  • Top 20 essential phrases in Spanish
  • Top 20 REAL Spanish phrases
  • Top 5 tips for learning Spanish

Top 20 essential phrases in Spanish

Learn the top 20 essential phrases that you need to know to enjoy your trip to Spain.
When travelling to any Spanish speaking country, it is helpful to know at least a little bit of the language. You will soon discover that local people will respond much better towards you if you at least make an attempt to speak their language. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Laughter is always a good thing and your efforts will go a long way towards goodwill as well as meeting your basic needs. Remember, you can always rely on hand gestures to express yourself, adding a fun dimension to the conversation, especially amongst Spanish people who are known for being physically expressive.

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Top 20 REAL Spanish phrases

  • Talk like one of the locals, not a textbook!
  • Keep your Spanish learning fun and interesting.
  • Use REAL Spanish phrases that make learning Spanish more exciting, helping you to speed up your learning.
  • Cool Spanish phrases that you can impress people with straight away!

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Top 5 tips for learning Spanish

Do not miss this! – Find out where to find the best FREE Spanish learning resources on the Internet.
Are you thinking about learning Spanish but don’t know where to start?
Have you started learning Spanish and are unsure of how best to improve?
Kick start your Spanish by reading our top 5 tips and advice for effective learning.

  • Includes links to the most popular Spanish radio and television stations to listen to live Spanish music and talking now!
  • Read expert tips to find out how to get the most out of your listening.
  • Find out how to increase and maintain your motivation.
  • Discover new ways of learning that you may never have thought about.

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