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GCSE Spanish Tuition / IB Spanish

ALL Students we tutored achieved top levels 8 or 9 in their GCSEs 2019!

Most GCSE students learn in large classes with little opportunity to speak Spanish or practise for exams. Whether you are studying GCSE Spanish in school or as a private candidate, private lessons with an experienced tutor will provide you with thorough exam preparation for oral or written exams, including useful exam tips and confidence building.

One-to-one or small group tuition allows you to concentrate on specific areas of weakness – speaking, writing, grammar, translation or listening. You benefit from more individual attention and the tutor can answer your specific questions and help with areas of difficulty. We tailor lessons to coincide with your exam board’s syllabus so that we cover the most relevant material to you.

Even just a few sessions with a professional tutor leading up to your oral or written exam will make all the difference and you will face your exams with confidence, passing with flying colours.

AS/A-level Spanish Tuition

Students are often surprised at the huge difference between GCSE Spanish and AS/A-level Spanish. Complementing studies with private tuition can be of enormous benefit to students, not just at exam time.

Our tutors can assess students’ particular areas of weakness and tailor the tuition accordingly. You may need to develop fluency for speaking and discussion, improve written skills or brush up on grammar rules. The tutor can help with homework and answer specific queries.

We take into account the student’s exam board to use the appropriate material. As well as passing your exams successfully, we make sure you enjoy the learning experience at the same time.

Higher level/Professional Spanish exam coaching

VLS also provides excellent preparation for university exams and formal exams with the bodies such as the Institute of Linguists, the Open University or for the D.E.L.E. exam. Often with these courses it is very difficult to be able to practise Spanish with someone at an appropriate level. Our tutors can help with extra speaking practice, reading comprehension as well as improve your written and listening skills, your understanding of key grammar and increase your range of vocabulary.

We tailor the lessons to suit your particular course and work flexibly around your work or study timetable.

For more information or to book your first lesson, please contact us to check availability.

Tel: (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404

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GCSE Spanish Coaching

Success with VLS

VLS offers Spanish coaching for GCSE, A-level, AS Level Spanish and university level Spanish
in and around Peterborough or online throughout the UK.


"Practising Spanish conversation regularly via Skype with a native Spanish tutor really helped me prepare for the A level speaking test and, afterwards, we spent time discussing essay structure and idiomatic phrases to make my writing sound more authentic. All this helped me to achieve an A* in the end." Erica Southern, (A2 Spanish)

"I would never have got my A star without Fiona's help, especially with the oral." Jemima Leedham, (GCSE Spanish)

“Just wanted to say many thanks for all the help you gave Alex during her studying for GCSE. She achieved the grade she was hoping for. She particularly found the speaking a great help and I think all in all it gave her better confidence, which she needed.” Fiona Poignand and her daughter Alex (GCSE Spanish)