Spanish lessons for children

It is never too early to start learning Spanish. Children learn languages quickly and easily with the best age to start being between 3 and 6 years old. It is fascinating how quickly children this age easily absorb words, like little sponges! Spanish is fast becoming the most popular foreign language that children choose to study in school.

We also run family sessions for people who are planning to move to Spain or who have relatives and friends living in Spain or South America. These family sessions are an excellent way of spending quality time as a family as well as building confidence in the language before you go.

In recent years we have been contacted by many parents who have returned to the UK from living in Spain and need a Spanish tutor to help their children keep up the Spanish skills they have acquired whilst living abroad as it would be such a shame to let this special talent go to waste.

We can arrange for a qualified tutor to teach your child individually or with friends and family in your own home.

Lessons are fun and interactive keeping your child constantly entertained and engaged in the lesson through games, music, flash cards, pictures and stories. Your child will learn Spanish without even realising it and will be eager to show you what they have learnt!

The greatest gift you can give your child is the opportunity to learn a second language early on. Children who speak another language are more confident, do better in school and will have more career opportunities open to them later in life.

All tutors have DBS certificates.

Help your child get a head start in life and call us today to book your child’s first lesson.

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Spanish for young children

VLS offers Spanish lessons for children within a 30-mile radius of Peterborough.


“Emelia has been going to Spanish lessons for over 6 months now. She really enjoys it and it has helped her stay ahead at school. It has made her more confident and will benefit her a great deal in the future. My stepdaughter has just started going to Spanish and she says she really enjoys it too. Fiona is a fantastic teacher, who is extremely professional, kind and welcoming. Starting Emelia at Spanish was the best decision I made, she has learnt so much and loves going. Both of my girls will continue to go to Spanish as I believe it will help them with their education in the future.”
Stacey Karton, daughter Emelia (aged 4)

"My 6 year old daughter was very keen to learn Spanish, having grandparents in Spain. She started lessons with Fiona after we had a leaflet through the door and she has really enjoyed learning with games in the lessons and is still enthusiastic to learn more. Her 2 year old brother has picked up some Spanish along the way too!"
Kirsty Morris, daughter Eva (aged 6)