Intensive Spanish Courses in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and across the UK

Our intensive Spanish courses are aimed at complete Spanish beginners who need to learn basic Spanish quickly.

  • You may have a new job with a Spanish company and they need you to speak Spanish to foreign clients and employees.
  • Perhaps you are moving to Spain or South America soon and will benefit from learning as much Spanish as possible before you leave.
  • You have booked an extended holiday or plan to do some travelling around Spain or South America.

Tailored, Intensive Spanish Learning

The intensive Spanish course caters for both individuals as well as groups of office workers. Courses are created taking into account your particular needs:

Spanish for business or a specific industry: We teach you the specialised vocabulary and expressions related to your profession that you will need to understand and use. If required, we will teach you how to make and answer telephone calls, send emails, write sales letters and reports and other work-related tasks.

Spanish for general travel: Here we teach practical Spanish to survive in a Spanish-speaking country. We will teach basic Spanish vocabulary and expressions to deal with everyday situations; ordering food in a restaurant, how to ask for and understand directions, booking into hotels, travelling around the country, dealing with problems and emergency situations and socialising and making friends.

Why choose VLS for your Beginner’s Spanish Crash Course?

  • Fast-paced and relevant: This course will bring you up to speed quickly and teach you how to communicate confidently in Spanish so that you are able to work and/or socialise with native speakers straight away, making you feel more at home in the country.
  • Interactive learning: activities will include speaking and listening practice using dialogues, role-play and audio material featuring native speakers.
  • Value for money: our intensive courses allow you to receive a discount off our regular rates, making it better value for money.
  • Informative: you will also learn the local expressions of the particular country you are planning to travel to.
  • Added value: You will be given material to review between lessons and exercises to complete, all of which is included in the original course price.

If you live too far away for face-to-face lessons, our Beginner’s Spanish Intensive Course can also be taken online with Skype. See our Online Spanish Learning section to find out how effective this method of learning is becoming.

We also offer intensive course in Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese.

Contact us today to discuss your individual needs so that we can create the perfect beginner’s intensive crash course for you.

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"When I contacted Fiona I was at a very basic level in terms of my Spanish understanding. I was planning to move back to Spain for work and needed immediate and intensive Spanish lessons. Fiona helped create a challenging atmosphere where I was constantly pushing my linguistic boundaries, whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere in which I felt comfortable making mistakes. I am now back in Spain and thankful for the guidance Fiona provided, both during my paid classes and post lesson suggestions for continued Spanish practise. – James Purdie

"I recently returned to ibiza after having a two week intensive Spanish course with Fiona Dunmore which I found gave me a fantastic grasp and great stepping stone to further my knowledge of the language. I progressed from basic to an intermediate level quickly and covered all of the past, present and future tenses. I would highly recommend it." - Joel Shipp

With our intensive Spanish course you will learn Spanish fast, in time for your trip or move abroad.