Russian lessons in Peterborough or Online – worldwide!

There are around 300 million Russian speakers in the world making it the most widely spoken Slavic language. Russian is also spoken in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan so if you know some Russian you are likely to be understood anywhere from Riga in Latvia to Belgrade in Serbia. If you know Russian it will help you learn other languages such as; Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian or Slovene.

Why learn Russian? 

• To learn a few basic phrases before a holiday in Russia.

• To do business in Russia. 

• To enhance a cultural interest in Russian history, literature or ballet.

• To communicate with Russian friends, family or colleagues.

• As a personal challenge – Russian is a unique language to learn!

Read our blog post, “Why learn Russian?” to find out why it really is an important language to learn.

How hard is Russian to learn?

Although most people think that Russian is a difficult language to learn, the good news is that it only has three tenses and the word order is more straightforward.

We are proud to be able to offer local face-to-face Russian lessons with a fully qualified and experienced Russian tutor as well as online Russian tuition over Skype.

Our Russian tutor is a native Russian speaker who is also fluent in English. She is a gifted teacher who loves sharing her love of the language and helping others learn it to communicate effectively. With her excellent interpersonal skills along with a good sense of humour she puts her clients at ease straight away making it the ideal learning environment to progress quickly and easily.

Find out more about our Russian tutor, Zarema Remnant from the blog post, “New Year, New Challenge – learn Russian!”

If you would like to find out more about learning Russian or to book a lesson contact us today on (01733) 573467 or 07870 699404.



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Client Testimonials

"Studying at Viva Languages has been an enjoyable experience. They provided a  service that I felt catered for me as an individual, meeting my specific needs and requirements. Communication with Viva Languages was quick and efficient. My Russian tutor, Zara, was both professional and personable. I would definitely recommend Viva Languages to those who are looking to learn a new language or develop an existing one." Rob Bennett

"I have been going to see Zara for around 2 months now on a one-to-one tutorial basis. I find her lessons both friendly and professional simultaneously, she has a lot of enthusiasm for her students’ progress, which makes the learning of a new language all the more easy." - Daniel Collis

"Zara as a teacher was perfect, she made the lessons nice and comfortable. She prepared for the lessons perfectly as well, with thought as to how to teach, she was prepared with excellent paperwork for explaining and teaching Russian. She made me feel comfortable and the pace of the lessons were nice. She prepared the lesson with my details and name in the lessons, so when you learnt something it was relevant." - Nigel

"I was a mature casual learner, wanting to understand the basics of the Russian language for a forthcoming vacation. I approached Zarema in August 2013, who accepted the challenge of tutoring me for 31/2 months. Initially I wondered what I had let myself in for, as I found it a very difficult language to grasp. Zarema's approach was firm but friendly, motivational and most importantly the learning materials were adapted to be relevant to my needs and capability for such a short period of time for learning. Thanks to Zarema, my vacation was a huge success, and I was praised for the effort applied and knowledge of Russian words and phrases that I obtained."
Mr A York.

"I studied Russian at university, but had not used the language since I graduated seven years ago. I regretted not maintaining my language skills, so last year I started having lessons with Zara. I'm really pleased because although I was rusty to begin with, but Zara's friendly and patient approach to teaching has helped me to become confident again. She provides useful and interesting material which covers the aspects of the language that I want to focus on and at the same time, she ensures that the lessons are fun - which means I look forward to them!" - Sophie