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Without a doubt, in today’s globalised economy it is essential to be able to communicate effectively in English within a business environment.

In today’s global workplace it is common for employees to use a variety of different languages. This creates the major problem of a communication barrier between management and staff and a great deal of time can be lost through workers and managers not understanding each other.

Perhaps you have sister offices in other European countries in which employees need to improve their written and spoken English to become better equipped at dealing with English-speaking clients and colleagues.

VLS provides one-to-one and small-group training for foreign employees – the perfect solution for professional people who work for multinational companies or are planning to work abroad and need to master the English language to communicate at higher levels. If necessary we can arrange for an English tutor who is also fluent in the native language spoken by the foreign employee to deliver the tuition. This is particularly helpful to the learner if they need complex grammar explaining to them or do not understand specific vocabulary.

Lessons are completely tailor made to suit the specific industry. Our professional tuition is designed for learners with a good general knowledge of English who wish to improve their communication skills for work or business in order to succeed in a competitive market.

Lessons focus on the skills needed in a business environment:

  • Telephone and email correspondence
  • Sales technique
  • Negotiating skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Meeting skills
  • Interview technique
  • Business writing skills (note-taking, reports, proposals)

In-company training

We are happy to travel to your office or workplace to carry out English tuition at a time to suit you or online tuition via Skype may be a more convenient option. Our flexible service means lessons may take place early morning, at lunchtime or after work in the evening and times can vary week to week.

Progress Report 

As a follow-up to each session the tutor completes a Progress Report which allows both us and the company to closely monitor the participants’ progress. This means we can adapt the original course plan, if necessary, to concentrate on weaker or problematic areas that may need extra practice. Therefore the course is continuously developed to suit the participants’ pace of learning.

Some of the companies we work with:

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Call VLS today to arrange a complimentary review of your current capabilities and future requirements so that we can create a fully personalised course for you or your employees.

Tel: (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404

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VLS offers English tuition to foreign speakers at your home or workplace within a 30-mile radius of Peterborough or online via Skype throughout the UK.

Client testimonial:

"I spent two months working in Newall in order to improve my level of English. I especially needed to improve my communication skills and level of grammar. I had a one-hour lesson every weekday and it helped me to improve my listening ability and to gain confidence when speaking to all types of people. The classes were very useful for me because I was able to take advantage of the lessons to ask any questions that I may have thought of during conversations with people throughout the day. The teacher is flexible and I could choose the areas that I wanted to work on. If you don´t have any idea, the teacher will evaluate your level and suggest suitable exercises covering areas that she feels you need to work on." Iker Aguirre, Danobat-Newall-UK / Bilbao, Spain