After School Language Clubs

A fun, affordable way for children to learn a language!

Viva Language Services provides fun lunchtime or after school language clubs for children in Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin and German.

Children at primary school are the perfect age to start learning a foreign language. They learn naturally, like little sponges absorbing everything they see and hear.

In today’s globalised world the ability to speak another language opens up a whole new world of opportunities and puts you way ahead of competition when applying for jobs or promotion. It is a known fact that those who speak more than one language have the potential to earn much more than those who only speak English. It has been proven that children who speak a second language become much more confident and perform better across all academic subjects.

How do children learn in the language club?

Our aim is to give children the exciting opportunity to learn a foreign language by encouraging them to speak it in a relaxed learning environment while at the same time enjoy themselves. Our language tutors are qualified and experienced at teaching languages to young children by creating stimulating activities involving a mix of music, art, games, stories and role-play. All of the children are kept engaged at all times and learn without even realising it! Parents are amazed at how quickly their child picks up the new language.

Great reasons for children to learn languages with Viva Language Clubs

• Professionalism. Our tutors all have DBS certificates and are experts at teaching languages to children enthusiastically and are passionate about sharing their language and culture.
• Structured approach. Lessons are well-planned taking into consideration the children’s ages. We also offer flexibility and work with teachers to adapt lesson activities to comply with the National Curriculum. Children will receive regular handouts so that parents can share their child’s learning.
• Cooperation. We will help you set up the club by sending letters out to parents to inform them of the dates, times and payment details. We believe that children get the most out of the learning experience if parents and teachers are equally involved.
• Affordable. We price each language club similarly to other after school clubs offered at the school.

We hope that you can recognise the real benefit of learning a foreign language early on in life which will help children reach their full potential in the future.
If you are a teacher at a school, are a parent yourself or a school governor, and you would like to set up an after school language club, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We have set up language schools at several primary schools the most recent being:
Nene Valley Primary School – Spanish Club and Mandarin Club
Eye C.E. Primary School – Spanish Club

Norwood Primary School – French and Spanish Clubs
Dropmore Infants School, Slough – Spanish Club
Watling Primary School, London – French Club

Contact Viva Language Services to discuss setting up a language club in your school on (01733) 573467 or 07870 699404.

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Comments from children of the Spanish Club, Nene Valley Primary School:

"I especially liked making displays and playing games"

"I liked everything; the games, the dancing, the singing and the display making"

"I loved the word bingo game"

Comments from children of the Mandarin Club, Nene Valley Primary School:

"I enjoyed learning what children did at school in China. I enjoyed learning greetings like "thank you", "how are you"..."

"I enjoyed learning "xie xie", "dui bu qi", and all the Chinese expressions"

Comments from children of the French Club, Watling Primary School, London:

"I like when we do the colours and when we sit on the carpet"

"I like when we sing "Bonjour, mes amis". 

"I like the songs and the writing and when we learn on the carpet"

"I love everything about French Club"

Phone on 01733 573467