In-company Spanish Training

In today’s global economy, Europe and the USA are increasing trade with Spanish-speaking markets, making Spanish the most important foreign language for international business. Being able to communicate in Spanish means your business will benefit from:

  • Increased international sales.
  • A competitive edge in the market.
  • Better communication with overseas clients, employees and suppliers.

Maybe you deal with clients, suppliers or colleagues in Spain or South America and find it difficult to communicate with them by telephone or email. Perhaps you feel you rely too much on their ability to speak English and would like to make more of an effort to speak their language. You may need help building your confidence to speak Spanish during meetings or conferences or to develop practical skills to book a hotel room, order a taxi, or a meal in Spanish.

If you are planning on changing your career, having knowledge of Spanish on your CV is highly appealing to prospective employers, putting you way ahead of other candidates when applying for jobs or promotion.

Our fully qualified tutors can arrange tailored tuition to target the specific needs of your business. Before tuition starts we are happy to carry out a free assessment of your current capabilities, your language background and future objectives so that we can design a suitable training course to meet your specific requirements. The tutor can offer advice on an appropriate frequency and duration of sessions as well as suitable learning materials. Alternatively, you can tell us how many sessions you require, for example a block of 10 or 20 weekly sessions and specify the exact learning goals of the learners. We will then create a suitable course plan for your approval.

We offer a flexible service and will carry out training in your office at a time convenient to you. Tuition may take place either before working hours, as a lunchtime session or as an after work class. We always try our best to accommodate busy and varying schedules. Alternatively, online tuition may be a more suitable option.

Here are some of the companies we have recently helped to improve their language skills in the workplace:

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Business Spanish

Learn Spanish for Business


VLS provides face-to-face Spanish tuition for businesses within Peterborough and a 30-mile radius, as well as online tuition via Skype throughout the UK.

Comments from participants of a recent 18-week Spanish course, MMUK:

"A great introduction to the language which has spurred me on to learn more."

"As a Spanish business it helps both offices in Spain and the UK if we are making an effort to speak their language as they do with us."

"Where do I sign up for a follow-up course? Why stop when we have only just got started? For a Spanish owned business with a substantial Spanish-speaking supply chain, it makes good business sense to extend it until we are practically fluent."


Comments from participants of a 12-Week Beginners Spanish course, BGL:

“I didn’t know any Spanish before I started and now I know greetings, how to read a menu and order things, how to count and members of my family amongst other things. It was a really enjoyable course – my favourite part being the activities, especially snakes and ladders! The tutoring was great and we learnt about Spain as a country as well as the language.”
Emily Grocock, BGL group, Peterborough

“I really enjoyed the course and found it a great stepping stone to basic Spanish! The course was really good and we had a great trainer who was patient and had a good rapport with the delegates. She was clear and ensured we had fully understood each section.”
Sharon Clipston, BGL group, Peterborough