Skype lessons in French, Italian, Portuguese, German & Chinese with native/non-native tutors

Progress quickly, build confidence and fluency with a qualified native tutor.

Online lessons with a native tutor are an excellent way to practice conversation, improve your accent, pronunciation and boost your confidence. They are the ideal solution for anyone wanting to learn a language for travel, business or academic purposes from the comfort of your own home. It is like having a native tutor in the same room as you.

We are delighted to offer French, Italian, Portuguese and German online lessons with patient, professional and experienced native language tutors.
Our talented team of tutors have been carefully selected so that we continue to offer the very best tuition service possible.

Who would benefit from online language lessons?

  • You cannot find a local native person to practise conversation with.
  • You want to improve your spoken French, Italian, Portuguese or German.
  • You are going on holiday soon to France, Italy, Portugal, Germany or even Brazil or Canada.
  • You plan to move to the country to live or work.
  • You need to use the language for your work or business.
  • You need extra practice before your GCSE/A-level oral exam.
  • You want to learn for pleasure, cultural interest or to communicate with friends/family.

What can I expect from a Skype lesson with a native tutor?

  • Enthusiastic and friendly tutors who are passionate about sharing their language and helping you improve.
  • Fun, creative and interesting lesson activities will keep you motivated so that you look forward to lessons.
  • Good balance of conversation and grammar. Your tutor will understand your current level and design lessons accordingly. Your tutor can send instant messages of words or phrases you haven’t understood.
  • Relaxed style of teaching will make you feel comfortable and at ease so that you are not worried about making mistakes.
  • Lessons completely in the language you are learning will quickly improve your speaking and listening skills, boosting your confidence no end.

Our virtual language learning service has recently been featured in an article about the effectiveness of learning via Skype for an online technology magazine:

How do Skype language lessons work?

  • Skype logoYou need the internet with Skype installed on your computer and a webcam. Skype is an application that is free to download and allows users to communicate by free video calls over the Internet. See the Skype website. We can also use MSN or Yahoo messenger but recommend Skype for higher quality video calls.
  • Pay for lessons in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.
  • Your tutor will email material for your lesson in advance for you to print out or view onscreen during the online lesson.
  • Contact us to arrange your first lesson. Before lessons begin we will informally discuss your current level, your goals and how we can help you to achieve them. We will then select the perfect tutor for you.

Maybe you are dubious at how well you can learn a language on Skype. Read the comments from our current and previous online language learners to see how popular and effective Skype lessons are.

Skype Language Lesson Prices *

  Per lesson Block of 10 lessons
60 minutes: £30 £280
45 minutes: £25 £240
30 minutes: £18 £170

* Prices vary depending on your level.

How to book

Contact us to book a lesson or for more information call Fiona on (01733) 573467 / 07870699404

We also offer Spanish Lessons via Skype online.

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