Monthly Archives: September 2016

11 tips for improving your conversational Spanish!

Want to get better at speaking your target language? There’s no way around it: you need to practice speaking it! Chatting with others — whether it’s with native speakers, friends, or classmates — will help you learn new vocabulary, understand those words in context, and also improve your listening skills.

So, where do you start? has put together a great infographic sharing a few tips for how to improve your conversational Spanish. Check it out below! Not learning Spanish? The tips can also be applied to French, Japanese, or any other language you’re learning. Continue reading

Beautiful French words!

French students, did you know you’re learning the language of love? Even if you’re not learning French to speak to your loved ones, you can still appreciate the beautiful language as you study the vocabulary. Many French words in particular roll off your tongue in a way that no other language does.

Ready to learn a few? How about 50? Below, shares 50 of the most beautiful French words you’ll ever hear. Continue reading

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