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Why We Need to Learn Languages Post-Brexit

There is already a shortage of language skills in the UK which according to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), “is costing the UK economy £48 billion a year”, however with Brexit looming we will no longer be able to rely on EU nationals to help fill this gap. According to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Modern Languages, “We will need more UK officials with foreign language skills.”

“Language skills are vital for our exports, education, public services and diplomacy.” Continue reading

Different ways to say “no” in Spanish

As well as just a simple, “No” there are several different ways you can say “no” in Spanish. Here are a few easy to remember phrases to say “no” in Spanish in a friendly way:

¡Ni hablar!No way! / Don’t even talk about it!

¡En absoluto!Absolutely not! [This looks like you are saying “Absolutely” but in fact it is negative, you are completely disagreeing!]

¡En la vida!Never in my life! Continue reading

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