Monthly Archives: April 2016

Numbers are very important in Chinese Culture!

NumbersSome numbers are liked by people, some are not. For example, 13 in some western countries is not a likeable number, it is considered unlucky which is exactly the same in Chinese culture.

The numbers 6, 7 and 8 are popular in China. The number 6 means everything is going very well, the number 7 means everything is rising and getting even better, 8 means you will make a good fortune.

Like in western culture the young generation make up their own language like text talk, the Chinese youngsters do the same with numbers. 512 means I love you, 1314 means for your whole life.

While, the number 4 is not likeable, because the sound of number 4 is similar to the word “die” in Mandarin, so Chinese people regard it as an unlucky number, they try to avoid it in daily life, for example some apartment buildings don’t have a 4th floor at all, or the 4th floor flat is much cheaper than the others. And the number plate on a funeral car is usually 444444.

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