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Ser and Estar simplified!

Many of my students, including the more advanced learners, struggle with the two verbs meaning “to be” in Spanish and when to use each one. The topic of “Ser versus Estar” is clearly difficult given that whole chapters and even books have been written on the subject! Ser and Estar is a tricky matter especially considering that even Spanish people argue amongst themselves as to which verb should be used in certain contexts. Here are the main uses of each verb: Continue reading

Para or Por?

This is one of the tricky areas of Spanish grammar which confuses most people! The reason being is that both can mean “for”, however they can mean different things in different contexts. I will outline below the key uses of “para” and “por” with examples to help you remember when to use each one: Continue reading

How long does it take to become fluent in Spanish?

I am often asked this by new learners and it is always very difficult to answer as it varies person to person and also depends on many different factors. For some people it may take a few months, for others one to three years or even five years or more for some people. This article looks at ways to become fluent more quickly in Spanish or any language for that matter: Continue reading

Native v Non-native tutors: Pros & Cons

At Viva Language Services we have both native and non-native language tutors available. Some people prefer to learn with a native tutor whereas other learners prefer to have lessons with a non-native tutor. It all depends on your learning objectives and how you, as an individual, learn best. Here are some tips on what you will gain from learning with either a native and non-native language tutor: Continue reading

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