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10 popular Spanish Youtube channels

Everyone knows how popular Youtube is and how long you can easily spend on it. If you are learning a language you can use this time to help you improve. There is a whole range of channels by native speakers to help learners of all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels. Videos can be on grammar, travel phrases, cooking, beauty and fashion, fitness as well as soap operas and TV series. Find something you are interested in and you will learn more quickly.

The good thing about learning a language via Youtube videos is that you can see the speaker’s mouth so you can copy the sounds more easily than with audio.
Here are some popular Youtube channels to help your Spanish: Continue reading

数( shu ) 字( zi ) Numbers:

Chinese money scaled1). The key numbers are from 0 to 10.

0 ( ) ling: zero
1 ( ) yi: one
2 ( ) er: two
3 ( ) san: three
4 ( ) si: four
5( ) wu: five
6 ( ) liu: six
7 ( ) qi: seven
8 ( ) ba: eight
9 ( ) jiu: nine
10 ( ) shi: ten Continue reading

A Holiday Language Quiz

Thompson Language Quiz image“Travellers still analogue when it comes to learning foreign languages”

Research by Thomson Lakes & Mountains found that:

  • 86% of travellers attempt to speak a foreign language while on holiday
  • Only 10% would learn from an app, the majority preferring traditional learning methods
  • Over half of 18-24 year-olds let language knowledge affect their holiday choice
  • Most travellers over 65 are braver and aren’t affected

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