A Holiday Language Quiz

Thompson Language Quiz image“Travellers still analogue when it comes to learning foreign languages”

Research by Thomson Lakes & Mountains found that:

  • 86% of travellers attempt to speak a foreign language while on holiday
  • Only 10% would learn from an app, the majority preferring traditional learning methods
  • Over half of 18-24 year-olds let language knowledge affect their holiday choice
  • Most travellers over 65 are braver and aren’t affected

The independent research study showed that travellers are turning against technology apps such as Google Translate with only 19% using it whilst on holiday. The majority (33%) prefer to use a phrase book and 21% prefer to learn from the locals and 19% rely on their memory.

Generation Gap

Older generations don’t seem as worried about a lack of foreign language skills as younger people. Only 16% of over 65s would be put off from visiting a country if they didn’t know the local language whereas 37% of those aged 25-34 may be put off if they are not fluent in the language of their destination.

On the other hand the older generations seem to get the most satisfaction out of attempting to speak a foreign language whilst abroad: 60% of 55-64 year olds say they get a high level of satisfaction whereas only 23% of those aged 18-24 feel the same.

Interactive Quiz

In conjunction with the study Thomson Lakes & Mountains has created an interactive quiz for members of the public to test their knowledge of foreign languages in a fun way.

Vicky Hales, Customer Engagement Director, Thomson Lakes & Mountains said:

“Our survey aligns with the British Council’s recent findings that the younger generations need more confidence in their ability to speak another language. It seems that across the board, travellers get more from traditional methods of language learning such as classes and comprehensive programmes. However it is great to see that 86% of those surveyed always attempt to speak a local language while on holiday. Our interactive quiz aims to help them test their abilities and give it a go.”

Vicky Gough, Schools Adviser at the British Council, said:

“While it’s good to see that many of us are generally willing to have a go when on holiday, this latest research confirms that too many of us still rely too heavily on English while abroad.

The reality is that speaking a foreign language doesn’t just help you to get the most out of your holiday – it is a rewarding way to connect with another culture and, with employers now crying out for more language skills, it can boost your job prospects too. We could all stand to benefit from broadening our horizons that little bit further through language learning and trying out just a few words or phrases while on holiday is the perfect place to start.”

You can find the language quiz (Italian, German, French and Slovene), here: A Holiday Language Quiz

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