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Ideas for Spanish teachers: How to use Pixacat, viral photos and social media to help students learn Spanish

Finding creative ways to encourage young Spanish students to practice the language throughout the day can be as easy as realizing that most of them love two things unconditionally: funny photos and social media. So, why not use these common “distractions” to encourage students to practice a language more often?

This article will review three ideas of how to bring the power of social media and interactive learning into Spanish classrooms using Pixacat, a free photo app for the iPhone to edit cat photos that may also be an ally for Spanish teachers. Continue reading

Spanish expressions using animals

A key part of learning a language, sounding fluent and being able to understand native speakers is knowing a few colloquial phrases and expressions which cannot be translated or understood literally. Here are some Spanish expressions using animals:

Perro: Dog

A otro perro con ese hueso: You’re pulling my leg / You’re kidding me.
A perro flaco todo son pulgas: It never rains but it pours. Continue reading

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