Monthly Archives: June 2013

Receta para patatas bravas (Recipe for “spicy potato wedges”)

“Patatas bravas” is a classical Spanish tapas dish, known in English as “spicy potato wedges”. They are typically served in a spicy tomato sauce or with mayonnaise. The dish is often ordered with a variety of toppings including chorizo, chicken and fried fish. The same spicy sauce is also used as a topping for mejillones (mussels) called “mejillones en salsa brava”. Here is the recipe in Spanish and English: Continue reading

Awesome place to practice Spanish: Tulum, Mexico

Learning a foreign language offers several advantages. You can get better jobs, make new friends, watch films without having to read subtitles; but among the variety of good reasons to learn a foreign language, travelling abroad and experiencing a country fully has got to be at the top of the list of many passionate travellers. Today we will look at a wonderful place to practice your Spanish, Tulum. Continue reading

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