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6 tips to boost your memory and learn new words fast!

Here are my top tips for learning and retaining words in another language and some proven ways to boost your memory:

1) Learn with pictures. Instead of learning endless lists of vocabulary, make you own picture dictionary. Seeing the word with an image will definitely help you to remember it for longer. Label household items and rooms in the house (as long as this doesn’t annoy the people you live with!) Continue reading

Receta para Sangría (Sangría Recipe)

Get a feeling of summer with this traditional recipe for Spanish sangría:
Aquí tienen una auténtica y tradicional receta española para sangría.
(Here you have an authentic and traditional recipe for sangría.)

Ingredientes (cuatro personas): Ingredients (four people)

1 litro de vino tinto (1 litre of red wine)
2 naranjas de zumo exprimidas (juice of 2 oranges)
4 melocotones troceados (4 diced peaches)
5 cucharadas de azúcar (5 spoonfuls of sugar)
2 cortezas de limón (2 lemon peels)
2 pellizcos de canela molida (2 pinches of ground cinnamon) Continue reading

How NOT to learn Spanish! – 10 tips

1. Don’t rely on online translators. They are good for quick translations of words and expressions but don’t expect to type in a whole paragraph in English and have it translated into perfect Spanish. Online translators cannot understand the context. For example, in Spanish to say “What is Madrid like?” the correct translation is “¿Cómo es Madrid?” [Literally “How is Madrid?”] but if you put this into an online translator it comes out as “¿Lo que se desea Madrid?” – incorrect. [Literally, “What does Madrid like?”] Continue reading

Tips on helping your child learn a foreign language

Why should my child learn another language?

Research shows that children who speak another language perform better across all academic subjects. They are more confident, creative, have better problem-solving skills and more cultural awareness – invaluable in today’s multicultural society. School leavers with knowledge of foreign languages stand much better chances of getting better jobs as today’s global marketplace means multilingual staff are in great demand. Continue reading

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