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Olympic Sports in French – Les Jeux Olympiques

With the Olympic Games nearly upon us again those learning French might be interested to know the names of the Olympic sports in French:
Voici les sports des Jeux Olympiques en français:

[English – French]

Athletics – Athlétisme
Badminton – Badminton (the same as English)
Basketball – Basketball (the same as English)
Handball – Handball (the same as English)
Boxing – Boxe
Cycling – Cyclisme Continue reading

How to learn Spanish with facebook

facebookworld scaledUsing Facebook is a daily habit for a lot of people these days, so this is an excellent way to build some language learning into your daily life. Here are some tips on how facebook can help you learn or improve a new language.

1. Change your language settings

When you log on to facebook go to “Settings” then “Language” and you can change the language you want to use facebook in. You can also choose which language you want news stories translated into. So now everything is in the language you want to learn:

Like = Me gusta
Comment = Comentario
Share = Compartir
Messages = Mensajes
Send message = Enviar Mensaje
Home = Inicio
Search – Buscar Continue reading

Learn Spanish through songs

Enrique Iglesias – Duele el corazón (The heart hurts)



Solo en tu boca, yo quiero acabar
Only in your mouth, I want to finish
Todos esos besos que te quiero dar
All those kisses that I want to give you
A mí no me importa que duermas con él
I don’t care that you sleep with him
Porque sé que sueñas con poderme ver
Because I know you dream about seeing me
Continue reading

Greetings in Mandarin

China shopping street 340Greetings can help you strike up conversation with anyone and Chinese people will really appreciate your efforts to speak in their language. The following basic Mandarin greetings are very useful to know.

1. ( ni ) ( hao )

2. ( zao上 ( shang ) ( hao )
   Good morning

3. ( xia ) ( wu ) ( hao )
    Good afternoon

4. ( wan )( shang ) ( hao )
    Good evening Continue reading

At the hotel / À l’hôtel

Hotel scaledVocabulaire:

la reception – the reception
la réceptionniste (m. and f.) – the receptionist
la clé – the key
la chambre simple – the single room
la chambre double – the double room
le formulaire de reservation – Registration form
réserver une chambre – to book a room
payer la note – paid the bill
le numéro de chambre – Room number
l’ascenseur – the Elevator Continue reading

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