How to learn Spanish with facebook

facebookworld scaledUsing Facebook is a daily habit for a lot of people these days, so this is an excellent way to build some language learning into your daily life. Here are some tips on how facebook can help you learn or improve a new language.

1. Change your language settings

When you log on to facebook go to “Settings” then “Language” and you can change the language you want to use facebook in. You can also choose which language you want news stories translated into. So now everything is in the language you want to learn:

Like = Me gusta
Comment = Comentario
Share = Compartir
Messages = Mensajes
Send message = Enviar Mensaje
Home = Inicio
Search – Buscar

You will find that you start absorbing Spanish into your mind naturally!

2. “Like” famous Spanish people

“Like” foreign celebrities, sports stars, singers and actors who are native speakers of the language you are learning. You not only find out about what they are getting up to but you learn new useful vocabulary. Often they post in their native language and also translate it into English, so you don’t have to keep looking words up.

Spanish people to like include:
Rafael Nadal: @Nadal
Enrique Iglesias: @enrique
Juanes: @juanes
Shakira: @shakira

3. “Like” fan pages

Like pages that post regularly in the target language. For example, language schools, foreign language teachers, language websites, online language dictionaries often post interesting videos and phrases as well as learning tips.
Instituto Cervantes: @InstitutoCervantesLondon
Practicamos Español: @PracticamosEspanol
Viva Language Services: @VivaLanguagesPeterborough

4. Join Groups

As well as companies you can find groups of like-minded individuals who have created communities to help each other. You will easily be able to find people who are learning the same language as you. Go to the left hand side bar and you will see the headings “Groups” and “Pages”. Click “Groups” then “Suggested Groups” you will see some ideas to start you off. You can post comments on others’ posts, share ideas, posts, videos and learn from each other. For example, if you are learning Spanish such groups include:

Me encanta el español: @SpanishPage
Spanish-Quotes: @spanish.quotes
1001 Reasons to learn Spanish: @1001reasonstolearnspanish


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