Olympic Sports in French – Les Jeux Olympiques

With the Olympic Games nearly upon us again those learning French might be interested to know the names of the Olympic sports in French:
Voici les sports des Jeux Olympiques en français:

[English – French]

Athletics – Athlétisme
Badminton – Badminton (the same as English)
Basketball – Basketball (the same as English)
Handball – Handball (the same as English)
Boxing – Boxe
Cycling – Cyclisme
Fencing – Escrime
Football – Football (the same as English)
Gymnastics – Gymnastique
Gymnastics – Artistic gymnastics – Gymnastique artistique
Gymnastics – Rhythmic – Gymnastique rythmique
Weight lifting – Haltérophilie
Hockey – Hockey (the same as English)
Judo – Judo (the same as English)
Wrestling – Lutte
Equestrian sports – Sports équestres
Swimming – Natation
Synchronised swimming – natation synchronisée
Water polo – Water-polo
Diving – Plongeon
Canoeing – Canoë
Modern Pentathlon – Pentathlon moderne
Triathlon – Triathlon (the same as English)
Rowing – Aviron
Trampoline –Trampoline (the same as English)
Taekwondo – Taekwondo (the same as English)
Tennis – Tennis (the same as English)
Table tennis  – Tennis de table
Shooting – Tir
Archery – Tir à l’arc
Sailing – Voile
Volleyball – Volleyball (the same as English)
Beach volleyball – Volleyball de plage


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