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Making an appointment (in Spanish) – Pedir una cita

Shaking hands scaledSo you are in Spain to promote your business and attend meetings so you want to make the best impression possible. Rule number one – make an effort to do business in Spain in their language rather than expect them to speak English. Here are some useful phrases and questions you could learn to help you make an appointment with anyone that you need to: Continue reading

Fado music – the soul of Portugal

Fado music scaledOne thing you are bound to hear when visiting Portugal, particularly Lisbon, is Fado. This is the traditional music of Portugal that dates back to the 1800s and Portugal´s glory on the high seas. It is still sung spontaneously in many bars in the capital city so don´t be surprised if you are enjoying a nice glass of vinho verde and someone suddenly stands up to sing. Just watch, listen and enjoy. Continue reading

10 tips to get a top grade in your GCSE Spanish writing exam!

Success1) Use two tenses in the same sentence:

Impress the examiner by using two different tenses in the same sentence. For example, you could use both the preterite and imperfect tenses:

E.g. Fuimos a San Sebastián que era bonito pero bastante caro.
We went to San Sebastian which was pretty but quite expensive. Continue reading

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