Fado music – the soul of Portugal

Fado music scaledOne thing you are bound to hear when visiting Portugal, particularly Lisbon, is Fado. This is the traditional music of Portugal that dates back to the 1800s and Portugal´s glory on the high seas. It is still sung spontaneously in many bars in the capital city so don´t be surprised if you are enjoying a nice glass of vinho verde and someone suddenly stands up to sing. Just watch, listen and enjoy.

The lyrics are often quite melancholic, referring to broken and lonely hearts or the longing for a sailor to return home once more. It is very expressive and emotional. Fado music is often sung along to the melodies of a special 12 string guitar, a viola and sometimes an 8 strong bass.

This centuries old music is still very popular today and is a great thing to witness on your trip to Portugal. There are various bars or restaurants in Lisbon that will have Fado singers in the evening for you to enjoy the experience. If you can´t get over to Portugal then maybe have a listen to Portugal´s most famous modern Fado singer, Amalia Rodrigues (July 23, 1920 – October 6, 1999). She really put Fado on the world music map and became somewhat of a national heroin for doing so. She is buried in the National Pantheon of Lisbon, the only woman to have such an honor).



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