The Benefits of After School Language Clubs

language clubsIt is widely known that learning a foreign language from an early age helps children excel in all subjects. Being able to speak another language builds their self-confidence and improves understanding of their native language.

Children who speak a foreign language usually find problem solving easier to tackle and it improves cognitive development.

Later on if they wish to go to university, they will find that knowledge of a second language is a much sought after skill which universities and future employers greatly value.

Our after school language clubs are a great way:

  • To learn the basics in the language through catchy songs, games and fun activities.
  • Introduce the language in a fun way so that it becomes easier and more enjoyable to learn in secondary school.
  • Support existing language lessons in the timetable.
  • Offer an additional language to the one taught during the school day.

Why choose an after school language club?

  • We use the most enthusiastic tutors who are experienced with teaching groups of children.
  • Parents are welcome to attend with their child.
  • No boring grammar – all activities aim to keep children engaged and interested in the language.
  • We use songs, pictures, games, drawing and music to bring learning to life so that they absorb the language naturally.

Parents are often amazed at how quickly the children learn and suddenly start singing or talking in the language.

How long do sessions last?

Depending on the age of the children in the group, sessions are either 45 minutes or one hour long.

Which languages are taught?

The most popular language theses days seems to be Spanish. When parents are asked to complete a survey to find out which language club they would like their child to attend most, Spanish is usually the most popular option, followed by French, German and Italian.

Why do UK children need to learn other languages?

Since leaving the EU it has never been more important for children to develop their foreign language skills. With less foreign nationals coming to work in Britain we will be more reliant on our home-grown linguistic skills.
According to Neil Kenny, languages lead at the British Academy, “With Brexit just around the corner, we need linguists more than ever. Languages are vital for effective trade, diplomacy and soft power, for social cohesion, social mobility, and educational attainment, all of which will be essential to the UK’s future success.”

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If you are interested in setting up a lunchtime or after school language club at your school next term, contact us today.

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