20+ Spanish Reading Resources

The best way to learn more vocabulary and improve your Spanish grammar is to read as much Spanish as you can. This could include books, magazines, comics, newspapers but the most important thing is to choose something you are interested in and will enjoy reading.

The resources listed below are fun and easy to read as long as you already know a little basic Spanish to begin with.

Reading resources for beginners

Spanish Reading Passages
There are Spanish passages on a variety of subjects including, cine (cinema), internet and viajes (trips) along with comprehension activities.

Spanish Reading with Comprehension Quizzes

Spanish Reading Comprehension
This covers reading passages for all levels, not just beginners.

Spanish Short Stories for beginners

Spanish Stories
This list contains well-known fairy stories as well as lesser known stories.

Reading resources for more advanced learners

Short stories as parallel texts

Practical Spanish
This website has practice readings for advanced students of Spanish. There are also sound files so that you can hear the pronunciation. You can also see pop up translations of specific vocabulary you may not know.

Advanced Spanish Reader
A collection of short stories with each one featuring a particular grammar point.

Stories for Advanced learners on Amazon

Reading the news

Reading about what is going on in the world and current affairs is a great way to help your Spanish reading skills. If you have already read about the story in English this can help you piece together any tricky sentences.
Online Newspapers in Spanish
Here you will find a list of Spanish language newspapers online.

BBC Mundo
Covers international, Latin American news as well as articles on subjects such as Science, Technology, Health, the Economy and Sports.

CNN in Spanish
This includes all the latest news as well as showbiz, health, money, sports and technology topics.

You can also read Spain’s national newspapers online such as:

El País
El Mundo

Children’s books

Many adult beginners like reading children’s stories as they use simple sentences and short amounts of text alongside pictures which helps them understand more and pick up new vocabulary more easily. With many stories they already know the story from reading it as a child in English which is a real advantage.

Bilingual stories collection: e.g. “I Love my Dad” / “Quiero a mi Papá”

Brighter Child Keepsake Stories: Famous Fairy Tales such as: Jack and the Beanstalk / Juan y los Frijoles Mágicos

Hanns Christian Anderson Stories online

Cuentos Para Dormir

Spanish Comics


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