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The best way to learn Spanish successfully is to combine it with things you enjoy doing;

• listening to music
• keeping up with current affairs / the news
• sports
• eating out / cooking
• reading

In this post we will look at the best resources to keep up-to-date with the news in Spanish, something that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine even if you lead a busy life. This is the key to learning a language successfully – little and often. Learning Spanish through following the news is a great way to learn useful, everyday vocabulary.

How to get the most out of learning Spanish with the news

It is a good idea to follow news sites that publish articles in both Spanish and English such as El País, BBC Mundo and el Nuevo Herald (Miami Herald).

• Keep a notebook to list all of the new words and phrases you come across. Regularly revise this list, for instance at the end of each week.

• Stick to news items that interest you; sports, politics, technology, business.

• Combine language skills: as well as improving your reading comprehension and expanding your vocabulary you could also watch video items on websites such as, BBC Mundo.

• Write a summary of a news item you have just read or listened to. This is an excellent way to reinforce the new vocabulary you have learnt and to practice your grammar and writing skills. Ask your teacher/tutor or a native Spaniard to check it.

News In Slow Spanish – This is a fantastic resource for both beginners and intermediate learners. The latest news stories can be listened to at a slower speed than normal. You can read along with the script and the key expressions are highlighted in red. The website also features grammar, pronunciation and quizzes.

Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) This is Spain’s national news channel featuring a variety of news and radio programs; Telediario, TVE en Directo (live TV), RNE en Directo (live radio), Deportes (Sports), Somos Documentales (Documentaries). You can set up an app on your tablet making it so easy to just click on and listen to whatever you fancy whilst having your breakfast each morning.

ESPN football – You don’t have to stick to serious news! Football is hugely popular in Spanish-speaking countries so if you are learning Spanish to talk to local people it would be a good idea to keep up to date with Spanish football to be able to chat to them about something they love as much as you.

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