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Buona Pasqua!

pasquaPasqua is a Catholic celebration of the resurrection of Christ and a very important date in the Italian calendar. In many towns and cities festive traditions still followed such as; processioni per i loro santi (processions for the Saints), rappresentazioni che rimettono in atto le ultime ore della Passione di Cristo (plays that re-enact the last hours of the Passion of Christ) e riti pagani che si legano al solstizio di primavera (Pagan rituals tied to the Springtime solstice). If you ever find yourself in one of these places around Easter time, watch out for these traditions; Continue reading

It was hilariously, unbelievably, ridiculously funny!

weddingIntensifying and emphasising adverbs

There are a lot of great ways to make English more interesting. Intensifying and emphasising adverbs are two of my favourite. You can make any story sound more interesting by using them. These are my favourites:

absolutely – simply – utterly – totally – completely – perfectly – bitterly – intensely – unbelievably – thoroughly – incredibly – awfully

Compare the stories see for yourself which has a greater impact in each case, the first or the second?

1. I went to the worst conference last week. The speakers were boring, the food was served late and was poor when it came. The venue was miserable and everyone left feeling demotivated.

2. I went to the worst conference last week. The speakers were thoroughly boring, the food was served incredibly late and was awfully poor when it came. The venue was utterly miserable and everyone left feeling completely demotivated. Continue reading

Most popular language exchange websites

spracheWhen you are learning a language it is important to be able to practise with a native speaker of that language. A great way to do this is by using a language exchange website where you can find people who speak the language you are learning to chat with over email, Skype or even meet up with later on. It can be a good way to make friends in other countries and to find out more about their language and culture.

Here are some of the most popular sites to find a language exchange partner: Continue reading

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