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8 Tips to Help You Overcome Common Language Learning Problems

overcome language learning problemsThe best result of learning a language is when people respond, so they understand you. The ability to maintain even the simplest conversation is already a huge reward. And don’t worry: you won’t annoy people if you speak their language incorrectly. If you warn them, “I’m learning your language and would like to practice,” most will patiently correct your mistakes, support, and be happy to help. So let’s learn how to start speaking the language, overcome obstacles. Continue reading

5 Tips to Avoid Overwhelm When Learning a Language

language learning overwhelmPerhaps you have decided to start learning a foreign language for your next holiday, for work, to improve your CV or simply to do something different and challenging. When first starting out learning a language it is difficult knowing where to start. You are bombarded with so much advice online about the best ways to learn a language and there are so many different resources and apps to choose from, it is hard to know where to start and understandably people feel completely overwhelmed and may even be put off from starting.

In today’s blog post we will give you 5 tips to help you get started learning a language and to stop you feeling overwhelmed. Continue reading

5 Tips for Self-Studying a Foreign Language With Inspiration

Self study languages

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Self-studying a foreign language is not an easy task – but it’s not undoable. Many in the past have mastered the skill of studying on their own at home. The secret is in their method and discipline. Learning does not necessarily happen in the traditional classroom way. There are a lot of creative and more exciting ways in which you can learn a new language! Take a look at those five listed below: Continue reading

What NOT to do when learning a language

how not to learn a languageLearning a new language is really exciting when you first start out. Once you start learning the first few phrases and are understood by native speakers, it is a great feeling. As you progress you may start to wonder if you are learning in the best way. Some people develop habits whilst studying a foreign language that do not give the best results. In this blog post we will go through some of the things you should avoid doing when learning a foreign language. Continue reading

E-book “Study Spanish Solo”

intermediate SpanishMaybe you have decided to start learning Spanish on your own without going to a college class or working with a tutor. This is much easier to do nowadays given the many language learning resources available on the internet and more and more language apps you can download onto your smart phone.

You have probably already worked out the benefits of learning alone; you study at your own pace whenever you have the time and will not feel the classroom pressure to keep up with everyone else. You don’t feel left behind if you miss a class. You can choose exactly what to study to achieve your specific goals.

However, there are disadvantages and difficulties that people face who decide to “go it alone” when learning a language. The first problem most people face is “language learning overwhelm”. You come across so much advice about what to learn first – should you focus on grammar or growing your vocabulary? Should you try to start speaking straight away? What are the best resources to use? How are you going to test yourself and keep track of your progress? The list of questions goes on. Continue reading

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