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Olympic Sports in French – Les Jeux Olympiques

With the Olympic Games nearly upon us again those learning French might be interested to know the names of the Olympic sports in French:
Voici les sports des Jeux Olympiques en français:

[English – French]

Athletics – Athlétisme
Badminton – Badminton (the same as English)
Basketball – Basketball (the same as English)
Handball – Handball (the same as English)
Boxing – Boxe
Cycling – Cyclisme Continue reading

Halloween in Germany

These days Halloween is celebrated similarly in Germany to Britain and the United States. Some children go trick or treating (“Süßes oder Saures!”), people dress up in costumes and decorate a pumpkin (Kürbis).
The 1st November is ‘Allerheiligen’ (All Saints’ Day) and the 2nd November is ‘Allerseelen’ (All Souls’ Day). In some (predominantly Catholic) parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, November 1st is a Bank Holiday.
On 11th November, Germans celebrate Martinstag (St. Martin’s Day), which has much in common with Halloween. People dress up in costumes and there is often a lantern parade, usually led by children who have made their paper lanterns at school. Sometimes the lantern procession will end with a ‘Martinsfeuer’ (a bonfire). Read on for some Halloween related vocabulary in German. Continue reading

Halloween in France

The French have celebrated ‘Toussaint’ (All Saints) at the beginning of November for centuries, but only recently has Halloween begun to gain popularity in France. These days, French people celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes and going to Halloween parties with friends and family. Trick or treating is also becoming more common. Many French people do not like Halloween, however, as they see it as a corporate, American holiday, and they prefer to avoid it. Read on to find out how French people celebrate All Saints’ Day and to learn some Halloween related words in French: Continue reading

French – the Language of Love

Think of Paris and you can imagine no end of wonderful, romantic scenes … Strolling along the banks of the Seine, wandering hand in hand under the Eiffel Tower, sharing a Menu du Jour in a rustic café, tucked away in the Latin Quarter. But it is not only France’s capital city that conjures up ideas of love – French itself is often nicknamed ‘the language of love’. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not have a go at expressing your romantic side through ‘La Langue d’Amour’, using the following lovely phrases! Continue reading

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