Halloween in Germany

These days Halloween is celebrated similarly in Germany to Britain and the United States. Some children go trick or treating (“Süßes oder Saures!”), people dress up in costumes and decorate a pumpkin (Kürbis).
The 1st November is ‘Allerheiligen’ (All Saints’ Day) and the 2nd November is ‘Allerseelen’ (All Souls’ Day). In some (predominantly Catholic) parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, November 1st is a Bank Holiday.
On 11th November, Germans celebrate Martinstag (St. Martin’s Day), which has much in common with Halloween. People dress up in costumes and there is often a lantern parade, usually led by children who have made their paper lanterns at school. Sometimes the lantern procession will end with a ‘Martinsfeuer’ (a bonfire). Read on for some Halloween related vocabulary in German.

Here is some Halloween related vocabulary in German:

Halloween feierncelebrate Halloween
der Laternenzuglantern parade
der Kürbispumpkin
das Kostümcostume
eine Hexewitch
der Geistghost
die Geistergeschichteghost story
erschreckento scare, frighten
das Spukhaushaunted house
der Teufelthe devil
der VampirVampire
der Werwolfwerewolf

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