10 popular Spanish Youtube channels

Everyone knows how popular Youtube is and how long you can easily spend on it. If you are learning a language you can use this time to help you improve. There is a whole range of channels by native speakers to help learners of all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels. Videos can be on grammar, travel phrases, cooking, beauty and fashion, fitness as well as soap operas and TV series. Find something you are interested in and you will learn more quickly.

The good thing about learning a language via Youtube videos is that you can see the speaker’s mouth so you can copy the sounds more easily than with audio.
Here are some popular Youtube channels to help your Spanish:


1. Spanish Sessions (Escuela Tilde)

Spanish sessions gives a good introduction to the language by covering the basics; the alphabet and pronunciation, numbers as well as catering to more advanced level learners. What is particularly good is that the subtitles are big and at the end they recap what are the key points to take from the video.



2. Butterfly Spanish

They covers pronunciation of the key sounds; ll / y, b / v sound along with verbs and tenses and tricky grammar such as para v por, ser v estar, preterite v imperfect. Videos also teach useful travel vocabulary such as taking a taxi and eating out as well as conversational topics such as discussing sports, talking about the weather or making a phone call.
The great thing is the explanations are in English with lots of example structures and phrases in Spanish.



3. The Spanish Blog

Their videos cover grammar as well as vocabulary for everyday situations; in a bar, ordering food, clothes, at the beach etc. There are beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced level videos.
The beginner level videos have explanations in English however the advanced videos are completely in Spanish.
If you go to the website: www.thespanishblog.com you will find lesson notes to go with each video along with questions and answers.

4. SpanishPod101.com

This is a fun channel which covers grammar and the language there are videos about Spanish life, culture, Spanish fiestas, pastimes and leisure activities. The videos have both Spanish and English subtitles – really helpful! Here is their video about Las Fallas festival in Valencia:



5. Señor Jordan

These are funny videos for beginners including catchy songs to help you remember verb endings. They feature subtitles of the key words and phrases in Spanish and English. Here is one of his videos to help you learn reflexive verbs with a song:




6. Laura M Buitrago

Spanish artist who does covers and original songs. Here is her video of the Spanish version of Sia’s “Chandalier”:



Craft and cooking

7. Paperpop

How to make anything creative – gifts, baking, crafts, card-making etc. The Spanish is quite fast so you need to be an intermediate or advanced learner however you can easily get the gist from just watching the videos and picking out the key words.

8. Mis Pastelitos

Videos are all in Spanish showing you how to make anything sweet; cupcakes, biscuits, cakes, cheesecakes etc.
Recipes are written for you to see. The more you watch, the more used to cooking phrases and verbs you will become. These are for more advanced learners. Here is an example video to make “bomba de tres chocolates”.



Beauty and fashion

9. Yuya

This covers fashion, make-up, hairstyling and beauty. Think Zoella in English – this is Spain’s version.

Celebrity gossip

10. Clever Teve

Videos are about the latest celebrity gossip, interviews, parodies of famous singers, films, latest games releases etc. This is a good channel if you like to keep up with what is going on and already know the story in English. Here is a parody about Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry:



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