Different ways to say “no” in Spanish

As well as just a simple, “No” there are several different ways you can say “no” in Spanish. Here are a few easy to remember phrases to say “no” in Spanish in a friendly way:

¡Ni hablar!No way! / Don’t even talk about it!

¡En absoluto!Absolutely not! [This looks like you are saying “Absolutely” but in fact it is negative, you are completely disagreeing!]

¡En la vida!Never in my life!

¡No me digas!No way! [This can also express disbelief such as, “You must be kidding!”]

¡Qué va!Not at all! / What rubbish! [This is a fairly friendly way of answering.]

Ni ahora ni nuncaNever ever [Literally: Neither now nor later]

Creo que noI don’t think so

No es asíIt’s not like that

¡Ni lo sueñes!Not in your wildest dreams!
Literally: Don’t even dream about it! [Again, an informal way to say that it is never going to happen!]

¡Ni muerto!Over my dead body!

¡De ninguna manera!No way!

¡Ni se te ocurra!Don’t even think about it! [This is informal expression and sort of telling someone off.]

!Ni en pintura!Not at all. e.g. ¿Sabes cocinar? > ¡Ni en pintura!

Slang expressions:

¡Ni de coña!No chance!

¡Ni de broma!Not even joking!

¡Ni a balazos! – English equivalent – Not on your nelly!

¡Ni borracho!No way! Literally: Not even drunk!

Hopefully one or a few of the above will help you to come up with different and more interesting and friendly ways to disagree or say no.

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