Trucos útiles para aprender palabras (Useful tricks to learn words)

Here are some tips that can help you to memorise words.

• Think about a particular theme or a part of the topic you are studying; for example, food shopping, ordering food or drinks, catching a taxi or buying souvenirs.

• Imagine or visualise a situation you may be in.

• Concentrate on a certain group of words; e.g. nouns, adjectives, verbs …

• Choose a letter and write down all of the words that begin with that letter.

Now try to remember words using each one of these tricks. Write them down. Which method helps you to remember the most words?

Do you have a system to help you study vocabulary?

Here are a few ideas:

• Group words into themes or grammatical groups, for example. Then you could make links between the words to show how they are connected, draw trees with branches, create mental maps, or make separate columns of words that are related.

• Use a dictionary to:
(i) Make lists with the translation in English.
(ii) Note down how the word is used in different contexts and examples:
frío: Tengo frío: I am cold
Hace frío: It is cold [weather]
Quiero una agua fría: I want a cold water.

• Make labels in Spanish of everyday objects and stick them around the house on the item itself; e.g. la puerta (the door), el armario (the wardrobe), el espejo (mirror), la ventana (window), la televisión (television), el lavabo (bathroom sink) etc.

• Make posters and display them where you can see them all the time.

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