Turrón – Spain’s traditional Christmas sweet

This sweet nougat made of almonds, honey sugar and egg white, is one of the most traditional desserts eaten at Christmas in Spain. It is of Arabic origin and was introduced in Spain over 500 years ago by the Moors. It is produced in the town of Jijona, 30 miles to the north of Alicante. The area’s economy is based on the manufacture of turrón and there is even a museum of turrón.
Turrón is produced in this area because the wild flowers on the mountains surrounding Jijona allow mountain bees to produce rich honey, a key ingredient. Along with honey, almonds from local orchards allow the “turroneros” to make this delicious artisan sweet.

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How to make “Turrón Blando Casero” (Homemade Soft Nougat)

Typical Spanish Christmas sweet

One of the most traditional and delicious foods to eat in Spain at Christmas is “turrón” (nougat). There are many different flavours and varieties but the most typical is probably “turrón blando” also known as “turrón de Jijona” (soft nougat) made from crushed almonds, hazelnuts, honey and sugar. Try out the following recipe by watching the Youtube video and reading the method below (in Spanish and English):



Vamos a preparar ‘Turrón Blando Casero’.
We are going to prepare ‘Homemade Soft Nougat’.

Los ingredientes que necesitamos son:
(The ingredients that we need are:)

250g almendras cruda pelada250g peeled raw almonds
100g avellanas100g hazelnuts
1 clara de huevo1 egg white
200g miel200g honey
100g azúcar100g sugar
esencia de limónlemon essence
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