Spanish adjectives

GCSE Spanish tips!

How to avoid over-using “bueno” when describing

It is so easy to fall into the trap of using the same small set of adjectives to describe things in your speaking and writing. e.g. la pelcula fue buena, (The film was good). Here is a list of adjectives to learn and have at your fingertips to include in your speaking or writing tasks:

amablekind / friendly / nice
asombroso – astonishing / amazing
bonito pretty
emocionante exciting
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Where do you put adjectives in Spanish? Before or after nouns?

When you first start learning Spanish you are normally told that adjectives, (descriptive words) should be placed after the noun. As you become more advanced you realise that this is not always the case. You do sometimes see adjectives before nouns. The truth is that there are some cases when it is better to put the adjective before the noun and how it can sometimes change the meaning. Here we will look at where to place adjectives in different contexts: Continue reading

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