“One” of my star pupils!

Individual language tuition is so effective!

The best thing about my job is seeing how much progress people make. Most people start out learning Spanish as complete beginners, not knowing barely a word of the language except perhaps “hola” (hello) or “Dos cervezas, por favor” (Two beers, please). However, this soon changes! A lot of people who have private lessons choose to do so because they prefer a one-to-one or two-to-one lesson rather than learn in a classroom full of people which they find too intimidating. They would be reluctant to speak out in front of everyone, therefore get little opportunity to practise the language or to ask questions. Also, they find that in a larger group of people, everyone tends to be at different levels – some know more than others and want to progress faster than those at lower levels who can get left behind and lose interest.

These are the reasons why one of my clients came to me to learn Spanish. She was very lacking in confidence and felt that she would “never master this language”, however, she has now moved to Spain permanently and here is a list of things she has been able to use the language for in addition to the general daily getting-by when living in a foreign country:

– She attends a craft group in Spain with a group of other native Spanish locals
– She has instructed Spanish builders to do work on her Spanish home
– She has spoken to paramedics to help out when someone was taken very ill
– She can talk to her vet in Spanish about her pet’s health problems
– She can easily deal with banking issues
– She can translate for other English holidaymakers in shops and restaurants when they are struggling to be understood
– She dealt successfully with local police during a car issue
– She even spoke to the mayor at a public event which she attended
– She can have very enjoyable 2-hour conversations with her Spanish friend over Skype

This just proves what you can achieve if you put your mind to learning another language and stick at it, however lacking in confidence you may feel to begin with. The results are worth it!

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