Asking for directions in Portuguese

If you are planning a visit to beautiful Portugal, it can be useful to ask for directions just in case you get a bit lost! Here are some basics to help you do just that:

Excuse me, where is the …?: Disculpe, onde fica o/a….?

Can you show me on the map?: Você pode me mostrar no mapa?

Carry on straight ahead: Siga sempre em frente

Left: Esquerda (esh-KER-da)

Right: Direita (Dee-ray-tah)

Turn left: Vire à esquerda (Veer – eeh ah eh -sskehr – dah)

Turn right: Vire à direita (Veer – eeh ah dee – ray – tah)

Street: Rua (Who-ah)

Towards the _____: Em direcção à ______

Past the _____: Depois do(a) ______ (Deh – poyss doh/dah)

Before the _____: Antes do(a) (Ahn – tiss doh/da)

Watch for the _____: (Fique atento à ____)

It’s here: É aqui

It’s there: É ali

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