11 Spanish expressions to learn before your business trip to Spain

If you want your business trip to Spain to be as successful as it can be, it would be wise to learn a few phrases in Spanish to make a good impression with people you are trying to set up good relations with. Spanish employers, colleagues and clients will really appreciate your efforts to learn their native language. Here are a few to begin with:

1. Encantado/a * de conocerle.Pleased to meet you. * If you are female, use “Encantada”

2. Le presento a mi compañero/a (name)I’ll introduce you to …

3. Quisiéramos hablar del asunto de …We would like to talk/discuss the matter of …

4. En mi opinión – In my opinion

5. En nuestra opinión – In our opinion

6. Tengo una preguntaI have a question

7. ¿Podría explicar …?Could you explain …?

8. ¿Para cuándo lo necesita?When do you need it by?

9. ¿Podría interrumpir?May I interrupt?

10. Podría darme su contacto y tarjeta de presentación? – Could you give me your contact information and business card?

11. Gracias por su tiempoThank you for your time

In order to deal with a full business trip you may benefit from taking a few lessons before you go. We arrange Spanish for Business courses – find out more here: Corporate Spanish.

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