Spanish idioms using parts of the body

1) Estoy hasta las narices de alguienI have had enough of someone
(Literally: Up to the nose of someone)

2) Ser uña y carne = To be really close to someone
(Literally: To be nail and flesh)

3) Tener mucha cara = To be really cheeky / be shameless
(Literally: To have a lot of face)

4) No tener pelos en la lengua = To not mince your words / always say exactly what you think

5) Tener la mosca detrás de la oreja = To suspect / smell a rat
(Literally: to have the fly behind the ear)

6) Ponerse los pelo de punta = To be very scared / make you hairs stand on end

7) Hacerse la boca agua = To make your mouth water

8) Hablar por los codos = To talk a lot / til you are blue in the face
(Literally: To speak through your elbows)

9) No pegar ojo = To not sleep a wink
(Literally: To not stick an eye)

10) Echar una mano a alguien = To lend someone a hand

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