5 Reasons why Skype is an effective way to learn a language

One of the greatest recent technological innovations has been the invention of video calling platforms such as Skype which has completely transformed the way in which we keep in touch with people across the globe. Communicating with people around the world has never been easier and international companies rely on such platforms every day to communicate with colleagues, clients and suppliers in other countries. This innovative method of connecting with people all over the world is particularly effective for people learning languages.

Why Skype is beneficial for language learners

When learning a language you need a mixture of listening, speaking, reading and writing practise which are all easy to achieve on Skype. It is just like having someone in the same room as you.

Here are 5 reasons why learning a language via Skype can be even more beneficial than with traditional face-to-face lessons:

1. Convenience

You can have your Skype language lesson wherever you are in the world. Your tutor could also be the other side of the world. You can continue your lessons whilst away on a business trip or on holiday. There is no break from your regular lessons therefore your learning continues without interruption or falling behind schedule.

2. Access to the best tutors

You may have found a very experienced and motivational tutor but then realise you live in different countries or too far away from each other to travel to their home or office. Skype lessons mean you can still have face-to-face contact with them. Or your local face-to-face tutor may be moving out of your area but you would like to continue lessons with them rather than find another tutor, in which case, you could continue learning on Skype. Recently one of my tutors in Cambridge moved to Colombia and continued working with her students over Skype. You also have access to native-speaking tutors.

3. Greater creativity & interactivity

Since you and the tutor are both online, you have access to all the resources on the internet. You can study a website, listen to audio, and watch a video during the Skype call/lesson. Your tutor can also easily share their documents saved on Google Documents with you so overall, lessons are more practical and interactive. The tutor can plan the lesson more creatively whereas with face-to-face lessons you tend to be restricted to books and worksheets.

4. Cost effective

As there are no travel costs or time involved for either the tutor or the student, lessons turn out to be more economical. You don’t have to get in your car, drive to the tutor’s home or office and back again, you can sit on your sofa, switch on your laptop, your tablet or even your smart phone and have the lesson at your leisure.

5. Less pressurised

Learning a language can feel rather scary at first, especially going to see a tutor in person, however many people find Skype lessons much less intimidating and feel more relaxed within the online learning environment.

As there are so many ways to learn a language nowadays, a wider variety of people are interested in learning. If you or someone you know is interested in learning a language over Skype, contact us here.



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