5 habits of successful language learners!

1. Short but regular study sessions

People who make the most progress when learning another language stick to a regular routine of spending part of each day learning a language. This could be listening to a podcast, reading an article, learning vocabulary, doing grammar exercises. If you get into the habit of setting aside half an hour first thing in the morning or half an hour after dinner you are more like to stick to this than if you do no studying Monday to Friday and then force yourself to do a full 3-hour session on a Sunday.

2. Practise with a native speaker

You cannot beat direct communication with a native speaker. This way you get to hear the authentic accent, you naturally begin to copy it yourself and even better – you get to know the up-to-date expressions and words they use nowadays.

3. Lots of listening practice

The best way to sound like a native speaker and to improve your pronunciation is to listen to native speakers – every day if possible. This could be from a CD in your car, downloading a podcast, listening to a song sung by a native artist or watching Spanish TV or listening to Spanish radio online, which is now easier than ever to do!

4. Keep own notes

Learners who keep their own notes and vocab lists and take more responsibility for their own learning progress faster than those who just use notes given by their teacher. Everyone learns differently therefore it is important you create your own learning methods and goals.

5. Staying positive!

Those who do better learning a new language are those that view their learning in a positive way regardless of obstacles they come across This is normal when trying to learn a foreign language. They don’t see these as stumbling blocks, they just see them as a minor hurdle to overcome in order to become better at the language. If learning a language was easy, everyone would be doing it and the end result wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding. You should congratulate yourself on how far you have come and how much you do know rather than focusing on what you don’t know yet!

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