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‘Used to’ + infinitive vs. ‘be used to’ + -ing verb


When we move to a new country, life changes, doesn’t it? Last year, my daughter left university in England and went to live in the north of Honshu, Japan. How is her life different now? How has her routine changed? What does she find difficult?

In England, ………….

she usually got up at 8 o’clock in the morning
she often cycled to the university campus from home
she cooked chicken casserole or spaghetti bolognese most nights
she studied music and Japanese at university
she didn’t understand Japanese very well
she liked watching films

In Japan, ………………..

she usually gets up at 6.30 am.
she always drives to work
she sometimes cooks sushi or spaghetti bolognese
she teaches English in a school
she understands Japanese much better
she likes watching films Continue reading

Write an object poem

Poem BlackberriesHave you ever thought of writing a poem in English?
It might be easier than you think.

In summer hedgerows,
Blackberries sit,
Round, plump and ripe
Like purple jewels in a crown –
Thorns guard them well.
I think of lazy days and laughter –
And know that autumn will soon be here.

Here are some tips for writing poems in English: Continue reading

Foreign words in English

photoOn holiday this year, I noted how foreign words had been borrowed and sometimes adapted into the French language: “sandwichs” and “paninis” being two examples. There are many such loan words in English, and I wondered how many I could use to describe my holiday.


Having arrived at our holiday home on the beautiful island of Corsica, we started the climb of 50 steps up to the apartment.  Perhaps a holiday chalet would have been a better idea? I can certainly see why older people prefer bungalows!  After we had dumped our suitcases, we headed up onto the roof terrace, with its stunning views of the port and the old town of Porto Vecchio.  The sight of swifts gliding past, and the bells ringing in the ancient cathedral made a delightful setting as we dined al fresco, and then took an afternoon nap or siesta on the comfy chairs provided.  This is the life!

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