Write an object poem

Poem BlackberriesHave you ever thought of writing a poem in English?
It might be easier than you think.

In summer hedgerows,
Blackberries sit,
Round, plump and ripe
Like purple jewels in a crown –
Thorns guard them well.
I think of lazy days and laughter –
And know that autumn will soon be here.

Here are some tips for writing poems in English:

Choose an object, perhaps a shell or a feather or anything that you have found or seen.

Look at the following questions and answer them.

What is it?
Where do you find it?
What size and shape is it?
What colour is it?
How does it feel when you touch it?
What other words describe it?
What does it make you think of?
What does it make you feel?

Write down your ideas and then change or move the words to improve your poem.

It can be something quite simple:

The Blackberry
Purple, round and ripe
Juicy and sweet
I think of pie and ice-cream
Yum! Yum! Yum!

To be more adventurous, you can use certain devices:

Use the same sounds or letters for consonants at the beginning of words – round and ripe.

To compare two objects to make a vivid description.
Like or, as … as
Blackberrieslike purple jewels (use your imagination)

Metaphor: see below “sunset on the horizon” – the image represents or symbolises what we describe.

Personification: make objects act like people:
The thorns guard the blackberries.

This activity is taken from a book called ‘500 Activities for the Primary Classroom’ (p82) Carol Read Macmillan Books 2007.

It is for children, but I think it works perfectly for adults too!

Here is an example from a very good student of mine:

An autumn leaf
On the yellow-brown ground,
Red and orange
Like  summer  fruit on the tree,
Sunset on the horizon.
I think of death and change;
I feel sad at the thought of the long cold winter to come.
And I hate it.

Poem leaves

Why not try it?  Perhaps you will surprise yourself!

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