Useful Spanish travel phrases everyone going to Spain should learn!

Hiring a car in SpainSo you’ve booked your flight and hotel, packed your suitcase, got your euros, don’t forget your phrase book or at least learn some key phrases before you leave!
Everybody knows how to ask for two beers, “Dos cervezas, por favor”, but knowing just a few extra words and phrases can help you get much more out of a holiday. Taking the time to learn the following could make your next trip much easier and stress-free:


Spanish people are very polite so it is a good idea to learn how to greet them correctly.

Buenos días – Good morning
Buenas tardes – Good afternoon
Buenas noches – Good evening (use after 9 pm)
¿Cómo está? – How are you?
Bien gracias, ¿y tú?Good thanks, and you?
Encantado/aPleased to meet you. [use the –o ending if you are male, -a if you are female]

Key Questions

¿Dónde está …?Where is …?
¿Hay un/una …… por aquí?Is there a …… around here?
¿Tiene …?Do you have …?
¿Cuánto cuesta?How much is it?
¿Qué hora es?What time is it?
¿Entiende?Do you understand?
Habla más despacio, por favorSpeak slower please.

Asking for things

Quiero / No quiero – I want / I don’t want
Me gustaría I would like
NecesitoI need
Me falta – I need
Busco – I’m looking for
Deme – (Can you) give me

Understanding directions

A la izquierda [eeth–key–air–da]on the left
A la derechaon the right
Todo rectostraight ahead
En la esquinaon the corner
Pase por …go past …

Eating out

Una mesa para dos / tres / cuatroA table for 2 /3 / 4
El menú / La cartathe menu
Para beber … – to drink …
agua – water
vino tinto – red wine
vino blanco – white wine
vino rosado – rose wine
cerveza – beer
De primero … – For the starter …
De segundo …For the main …
De postre … – For dessert …
La cuenta, por favorThe bill, please

You can’t go wrong learning a few numbers as these are used all the time; for prices and paying, opening hours, times, bus/train timetables and so on.

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