E-book “Study Spanish Solo”

intermediate SpanishMaybe you have decided to start learning Spanish on your own without going to a college class or working with a tutor. This is much easier to do nowadays given the many language learning resources available on the internet and more and more language apps you can download onto your smart phone.

You have probably already worked out the benefits of learning alone; you study at your own pace whenever you have the time and will not feel the classroom pressure to keep up with everyone else. You don’t feel left behind if you miss a class. You can choose exactly what to study to achieve your specific goals.

However, there are disadvantages and difficulties that people face who decide to “go it alone” when learning a language. The first problem most people face is “language learning overwhelm”. You come across so much advice about what to learn first – should you focus on grammar or growing your vocabulary? Should you try to start speaking straight away? What are the best resources to use? How are you going to test yourself and keep track of your progress? The list of questions goes on.

Who would benefit from the e-book?

This is why I have created an e-book “Study Spanish Solo” – to help people who want to learn Spanish on their own get started on the right track for success. The e-book is perfect for:

  • People who want to study Spanish alone
  • People who are thinking about starting to learn Spanish and have no idea where to start.
  • People who have started learning Spanish but need some direction.
  • People who have reached a plateau in Spanish and want tips to stay motivated.
  • People who are bored of using the same resources and want new ideas of ways to learn.

If you come under any of these categories you would greatly benefit from having the e-book to refer to either now or to come back to at different times in the future, whenever you need advice or to mix up your resources.

What is in the e-book?

The e-book is split into ten sections each with a Workbook at the end so that you can make notes of key points or things you want to remember. There is also a cheat sheet of some really good questions and phrases to use in your language exchange sessions with a native Spanish speaker.

There are sections on all of the core skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, learning vocabulary.
There is advice about HOW to learn as well as links to many of the most up-to-date Spanish resources; books, apps, websites, CDs, TV shows, radio stations and films to learn from.


Section One – Best ways to start learning Spanish
Module 1: Getting started
Module 2: Choose the right resources
Module 3: Setting goals for success
Module 4: Documenting and organising study
Module 5: Staying motivated

Section Two – How to learn vocabulary and make it stick
Module 6: Choose the right vocabulary and start simply
Module 7: Mnemonics and visualisation
Module 8: Flashcard apps

Section Three – Better listening tools and techniques
Module 9: Best listening resources
Module 10: 8 tips to improve listening in Spanish

Section Four – Better speaking techniques
Module 11: Speaking exercises you can do alone
Module 12: Tips to overcome your fear of speaking
CHEAT SHEET to speak like a native

Section Five – Better reading tools and techniques
Module 13: Best reading resources
Module 14: Powerful strategies to improve reading in Spanish

Section Six – Language Learning Tools
Module 15: Best apps for learning Spanish
Module 16: 5 Tips to get the most out of language apps
Module 17: Google Translate – Tips, Tricks & Features

Section Seven – How to use social media to learn Spanish
Module 18: How to use Facebook to learn Spanish
Module 19: How to use twitter to learn Spanish
Module 20: How to use Instagram to learn Spanish

Section Eight – Best ways to improve Spanish grammar
Module 21: Popular Spanish grammar resources
Module 22: 9 Simple steps to learn Spanish grammar

Section Nine – How to improve writing in Spanish
Module 23: 7 Creative ways to improve your written Spanish

Section Ten – Setting up a successful language exchange
Module 24: How to find the perfect language exchange partner and make it successful!
Essential phrases for your language exchange


You can read the book online wherever you are, from your computer, tablet or smart phone as well as download it as pdf to view offline and even print out sections for future reference and to make notes on.

Price: The e-book is priced at £11.99 and will be useful to you throughout the time you are learning Spanish.
You can download the book here or by clicking on the link below.




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